Young Scooter — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Hood Memories

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Hood Memories » de Young Scooter.


Hood memories, hood memories
Hustling thinking 'bout them hood memories
Hood memories, hood memories
Thinking 'bout them days before I saw a ki
Hood memories, hood memories
Smoking thinking 'bout them hood memories
Hood memories, hood memories
Thinking 'bout them days before I saw a p
Before I saw a ki I was selling 50's
Selling 3 gram hundreds, man, my life addictive
I was 15 smoking regular weed
My high school days breaking down p’s
Ounces at my locker, I had a lot of problems
Losing not an option, dopeboy product
When I was 18 I met my migo papi
With all that street knowledge I walked away from college
Started selling collards, they come on the dolly
Before I was 21 I seen a million dollars
Ten toes down through the money problems
Every nigga in the hood know you’re school to got 'em
Wrong place, right time like I wasn’t on time
You know I’ll make this motherfucking microphone cry
Driveby’s, we got caught up in the crossfire
We shouldn’t have had our crazy asses outside, but fuck that
Lil B, he was my nigga, man
When he was down I got him up, vice versa
Nigga play with us, fuck it, we side him up
Even when I had nothing I just knew that I was gonna live it up
Running around stealing bike trucks
Back when mister Ross was selling dixie cups
Started getting my bands up
First time they had me in handcuffs
I swear to God me and oldboy held oldboy for ransome
Shooting ball at the park
No telling what goes in in the dark
I’m thinking I balled way from the start
From the niggas was all in New York, yeah
I went from silver watches to rocking AP’s
Used to watch them old G’s, now it’s on me
I was on E, fell off to a G
Used to play the candy lady, went to hide the weed
Hood memories, I just rapped my life
I know probably did a lot of shit that wasn’t right
That’s that hood life, ain’t no rules, no
At any given time a nigga’ll kick your do'
Rain, sleigh and snow, I had to jug through it
Had to count up them free bands, I put my hood through it
Hood memories, you gotta duck them FED’s
Now you see my face on the TV screen

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