Viva Fidel — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Hardcore (Yeah)

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Hardcore (Yeah) » de Viva Fidel.


Gigalo JG:
Gigalo JG I gotta get it in
Branded by the OGs my fraternity in the wind
And I ain’t gotta try to live out my raps nothing fabricated
Inner city raised I get around the map
The game came in one ear I let it settle in
And now embedded in my skin with the melanin
Great lake game spitta aiming for the top pillar
My mental hot, double barrel with the crabs in’em
Doin my damn thang, did’nt do the dope mane
Drove down the driveway got double on the dope game
Thats how you living when decisions have you moving fast
And I decided on this here grind and countin' cash
But ain’t knockin' like I heard, hustle with a plan
And be prepared cause every plan run into a jam
And every friend ain’t a friend when he facin' 10
And hoes disappear when ya running low on ends
Wake up, wake up to win put myself in a better place
No short cuts gotta keep a steady pace
Breathe Deep, don’t blink, can’t think about sleep
Stay focused on the finish line
I know I’m gettin' mine
Destined for greatness, no matter how much they hate this
Read the signs, you can have heaven or hell
Will this currency collapse?
Whats gone happen in 2012?
Time will tell, or Fidel will reveal
I can barley pay attention trying to pay all these bills
Listen, niggas keep it real but its really all relative
And its all related, replayed and relived
You get what you give but don’t fuck up the rotation
Thats the universal law
I keep my verses raw
Let ya thoughts flow, let ya self go
Uplift the ghetto from the boombox perspective
The world was watching when we was poppin & lockin
Now the elders is listening and our children paying attention
And Hip Hop has just about replaced religion…
Did I just say that?
They ain’t gone play that…
Gigalo JG:
No one really knows when 'illuminati' gone strike
So free is how I’m living my life
Never changing feeling like an ambassador for 414
The way I love the 808 quake bang thru the floor
I’m a guawp chasing monster on a track I spit my life
I was down from the jump thats how I earned these stripes
Who said the only thing they wanna hear is how to move white?
What about the ones graduated made it out doin right?
Only a 4th of yall dealers
15% snitching
40% square
20 dead or in prison
The hood outta control
Its «Poison» like Michael Bivens
The kids know «Ieasha» but don’t know they 'ABC's'
This is audio perspective my observation of things
Tell me, when you get the green is it everything you dream?
We gotta make the most out the time being
Look at what I’m seeing
Signs of serious things not to be neglected
We gotta make sure that the fortress is protected
Con artists and infiltrators desguised as friends
Family keep it fake
Everybody pretend
When the lines is crossed, I chalk up my loss
I don’t have to floss, cause we paid the price, reflect the results,
put some years on ya life…
Past, present & future all in one line
Oh the places I’ve been to by the time that 16 thru
Ohh, don’t let me get started
I need these beats to feed these streets
And the Universities, my people overseas
Bring that feeling back fast forward past the foreplay
We instantly build, instinct in the Murder Mil
You don’t say, cause nigga thats my job
Substance and stamina they whippin out they cameras
Upload my lifestyle — download my G-Files
Catch me between clouds and you might see a smile…

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