The Remnant — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Dreams May Die

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Dreams May Die » de The Remnant.


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true…
This is the place where the dreams die
This is the place where the fate seems to decide
That you will be denied and deprived to retry
The forbidden fruit’s sweet side
Basking by the beach tide, the women here are sea lyin'
You have been declined, found lacking in design
And nooses hang at each and every treeline
You told Satan repeatedly «Get thee behind»
But see, each time he laughed and replied that he’s fine
And that’s why sleep ain’t the cousin of death
It’s the waking life’s mistress playing hard to get
Heart temptress in a red dress, dancing at your wit’s end
Because time don’t take no for an answer like Big Ben
Roethlisberger, this is the merger of the nurture/nature
Bet on the winner, but see first you must confirm your wager
They are the perfect strangers 'causing you to cur behavior
Take it with a grain of salt if you prefer a certain flavor
The Remnant has returned to savor the final feast of vinyl beats
The PB&J was left to spoil, so now whenever we rhyme our speech
The music makes us whine and weep
The sorrow here is finder’s keep
We wake each dream to work whenever it’s time to sleep
Throughout my life I seek for Christ’s peace
It’s free, but they say you can’t buy it cheap
The price is steep
On a clear night, you could see for miles and miles
From the hill behind the house where her grandparents dated
And every night in the summers of my childhood
While our families slept, we would stand there and gaze
And the town spread out at our feet
Like the oceans from the beach
And the lights were like dots beneath the surface
I remember thinking that it looked so much like the stars
That they had to have copied it on purpose
And everything was how it was supposed to be
Sun spun around the Earth and God in Heaven openly spoke to me
And hopes and dreams were one and the same
And we both believed that nothing would change
She says that I’m a poor kid
And tells me I’m too sensitive
She makes me sad
So I almost didn’t notice when she closed her eyes
Looking down at the town and the ground where we stood
And she spoke like she’d opened up an ocean that she holds inside
I saw the light, and I found it was good
She said the light from the stars is so frightfully far
That by the time it arrives to the site where you are
It’s dead
The source has expired
There’s no more warmth, no force, and no fire
And the more I stood by her, the more it settled in gently
But if a rose is still sweet, then what’s in a name
And the chorus and choir sang that Heaven is empty
And we both believed that nothing would change

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