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I wake Up In Stadiums EveryNight
Different Teams on the Schedule bought to Take The Flight
But I Got Different City On the Tour
New Day, Same ish, Just Another Door
To Walk Thru
To meet you
They All Screaming the name
Then They Meet You
Then They Cry
So Hard That i Cant Believe It Mane
That a Year Ago
had No Show
No Team To Repping Hard
And Now i got The 12th Man, Saying WE SO CHARGED
Cuz Im working Hard
Alwys Topping Charts
And If they All Follow Again
You’ll Be That Hard to Beat
To When it Comes to the SuperBowl
And You’ll be Even better When You Ready And Set to Go
Girls They Don’t even Know Who i Was
When i Was Taking Over the World
Just Becuz
So if you don’t Like the Name, Need to Peep it Down
Cuz We Wasted Enough time, We Rep The Town
i Get Normal Email From A Fan
Aint been Another Team Like You
So Don’t Sell out to the Money Man
We Do It For the Fans, i Did It for the Gain
Even All the ish that Don’t make all this life
The Same
some Say What a Shame, he did for the Fame
Damn right Cuz if you Were us Years Ago You do the Same
How dear you Judge us
You don’t Know What its Like
To Look Back and Have your Name Spark-Up With all The Lights
Have Partys every night
Celebratte The After Mood
Doing Things That Critics use to tell us Years Ago We never do
ill never Do
Ill Never
and after Tonight Night Well Check
if im Still Number 2
Well, Heres Some Advice,
To Come off that nice
RussellWilson, Tate, marshawn Lynch and sydney Rice
Damn If you don’t Know who they are you need to take a Break
Cuz There More To the game, Then What They Take
Took a Shot at Me When i Was Down
Didn’t Think Would Ever Come Round
Shouldn’t of Bury Me 12 Feet underground
before You Think To Move Homie We Bought Strike Right Back
The Clocks Ticking, Wont You Take deep Breathe
After this There wont be Nothing Left
Well Here we go, and you better Send you Best
We Cocked and Ready Becuz you know We Just RELOADED

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