Such A Surge — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Joy & Pain

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Joy & Pain » de Such A Surge.


Send out your may day and pray
That the blue sky won’t fade to gray anyway
You have to pay the price for the lies in your eyes
When you look at me, you’re fakin'
That same smile while you’re drivin' me wild
Talking to you is like talking to the TV
I try to communicate but you don’t wanna hear me You try to teach us to hate each other
How to judge a book by the cover
All the bridges that you burn
Will come back one day
To haunt you, demons will be on your trail in hell
I don’t receive relief when I’m in need of your helping hands
My so called friends fuck you and don’t try to dazzle my eyes
Your luring apple is a lie so tell me why
You’re living on the dark side of greed
So sucker yes indeed there is the need that you bleed
Joy & pain, your sunshine is my rain
Respect, I don’t know if I’m feeling that for you
Self consciously have you told us so many lies, I thought were true
But afterwards there was just something hittin' on my mind
I can’t believe that I was wrong and too blind
To see that you won’t change your life that I can’t understand
'Cause you don’t get further with it, you’re a poor old man
So listen up loud and clear and try to make it for real
When you get home don’t tell us lies cause mother is also here
Searching for something that we call respect
You will never deserve it even if you don’t quit
You committed a crime against your own family
So word for word and line for line stand up for it Since you have been gone life changed so fast
No one is remembers the ugly old past
To get through this, it’s our family affair
But we’re gonna make it and we don’t care
Down to earth we’re gonna stay fair
Joy & pain, your sunshine is my rain
A deeper shade of soul is pulsating in my veins
I’m standing in your rain, I’m going down your drain
You enjoy my pain cause I don’t play your game
Hate is your weapon, at me you take aim
Day by day, up 'n' down, round 'n' round
What the hell is going on, how can I stay strong
I’m a outcast, power blast, free at last
In this to win this, of course, I am a menace
And I’m ready for the next move
'Cause I’m two steps ahead, I can’t wait to combat
Your getting hectic cause I know the right tactic
Tic-tac, yes, I’m back to attack the redneck
Life is like a game only the strongest will remain
I wait for justice but i wait in vain
Joy 'n' pain every single day the same
The rich in the sunshine, the poor in the rain
Joy & pain, your sunshine is my rain

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