RJD2 — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson See You Leave

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « See You Leave » de RJD2.


Break up, break up tempo
Someone adjust my levels
This don’t sound like heaven
You must be cool with the devil
I got this chick from Vegas, bitch
Runnin around with them rebels
Swears she really gets me
But the proof is in the shovel
Shorty’s smooth as Ketel One
Hard as heavy metal
The way she ride my dick
You’d think my shit came with some pedals Uh uh
She tells me ain’t no one better uh
STS, she only knows me by them letters uh
Thats rock in roll shit
I must think I’m Eddie Vedder
I know she fuck with other niggers
I don’t sweat her
She said she’d only fuck with me if I would let her
I ain’t no hater honey go 'head get yo cheddar uh uh
That type of shit just gets her wetter uh uh
She just hope I don’t forget her uh uh
I told that bitch «bitch, I would never» uh
Man I ain’t seen that bitch in for forevers uh uh
I never thought we’d meet again cuz I’m a cold nigga
A couple years later here we sippin cold liquers
Surrounded by the chronic smoke a couple gold diggers?
We had a show in cali just me and my gold niggas
I seen you with your homies
Couple other hoes wit cha
They dont even look the type that even roll with ya
I see you took your weave out
Ya got ya soul sista
Now the carpet matchs the drapes
Shorty, I’m just fuckin wit ya
Whats up with me and you tonight
Oh, is you walkin in and out my life?
You know I hate to watch you go
But if you do, promise to walk slow
She said that we should talk more
I think that we should talk less (yes)
Tonight we should just make love
(You know I hate to see you leave)
And tomorrow just have goodbye sex
(Hate to see you leave)
(I hate to see you leave baby, no)
See here we go again
(I love to watch you go, where you going?)
You know out of all the places in the world
(I hate to see you leave)
Come back, you ending up with me tonight
(You ain’t going nowhere)
(I know it. HA)
I got things to do
You got things to do
I got places to go
You got, you know
I just want to take this time out
See if we can just get together, you know
I dont know whats going to happen tomorrow
I dont know whats going to happen in a week
All I know is tonight girl
It should be you and me
It should be you and me X3
(no where, no where)
(I hate to see you leave, where you going)
(I love to watch you go cuz im going to bring you right back to me)
(I hate to see you leave darlin)
(Love it if you dont, come back to me baby, yeah, oh)

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