Rich Homie Quan — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Time

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Time » de Rich Homie Quan.


I need like ten
Aye, Aye
I need like ten (Big money up top), I need like ten (Give it to me when I walk
I need like ten (That's a whole lot of profit), I need like ten for it Okay,
I need like ten (On the backend), I need like ten (Nine plus one)
I need like ten (I'm talking about a falcon), Gimme like ten for it Ten, Ten, Ten, (Okay), How much you talking baby
Ten, Ten, Ten, (That Right Too), Tell me what you need shawty
Ten, Ten, Ten, (Rich Homie Baby)
I fuck witchu cause you a Ten, Ten, Ten, Rich Homie Baby
Might have like ten on me (TEN), That ain’t really shit (Nah)
Sudio what I’m in homie (OKAY), if I ain’t in your bitch
And you ain’t blowing if you ain’t put in on it (Uh-Uh), Cause I ain’t into
Fast lane how I’m living (Err), Ass I ain’t tryna kiss it (LEHGO)
Ten for a show, Ten for his ho (Whatcha talkin' bout Quan)
I took a 5 off a 4, A ten to get the homie back (Ten)
And I ain’t tryna keep it low, Get high as I can go (LEHGO, LEHGO)
And now I’m hiding in her throat, Need ten
Don’t try me with no 9 for a show, I be laughing at them prices (Hahaha)
I need mine at the door, Better have it or else we fighting (RICH HOMIE BABY)
Five plus five equals ten (THAT RIGHT TOO), That’s what I need for a walkthrough
killed the management, Monte who you talk to I ain’t gon' lie, I swear this shit here took off fast as hell (It did)
Niggas saying we sound the same, Ain’t no synonym (Woah)
I think he lying, Bubble gum, I’m stacking M&M's (Okay Okay)
That’s the mills, Talking M’s, Benjamin (That money baby)
When I was ten, Lake Boys raised me (Yeah Yeah)
Grandma got me in, Ten girlfriends, Talk to 'em daily (I did)
They say I got touched (Yeah), Seven three make ten (TEN)
I spend a lot of time stuntin', Head I want ten (LEHGO)
I spent like ten at the mall, Ten on your broad
Horsing around, I spent ten on my balls, Ten just in draws (That Polo baby)
Can’t take no five, Six sevens eights or nines
I need ten on the spot, No matter the place how much to show yo face

Traduction des paroles

Horsing autour, j'ai passé dix sur mes couilles, dix juste dans les tirages (ce bébé Polo)
Je ne peux pas prendre cinq, Six sept huit ou neuf
J'ai besoin de dix sur place, peu importe l'endroit combien de montrer yo visage