Rich Homie Quan — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Intro

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Intro » de Rich Homie Quan.


Yeah, you know, if you thought I was going to stop goin' in You can ask double R, nigga
That’s Royal Rich
Could’ve been a doctor
But I chose streets
I could’ve been a lawyer
But I chose streets
Could’ve been anything I wanted to be But I chose streets
(Nah, but be honest) Hm, the streets own me Hey
Started with it, I ain’t start with paper, started with nothin', uh Droppin' out the hot bars that’ll let me hit the ground runnin', uh House (?), thirteen when a young nigga just don’t know how to put it, yo I was drivin' at fifteen got tired of the bus, ha For the yellow cheese, I was gettin' cheese for the guy that wasn’t, and
Nigga wouldn’t try me in high school cause I had alot of buzzin'(?)
Fuck that, I’mma take shit like bloods and
Talk like Thug when you see me in public
You the predicate, nigga, I am the subject
And I’m still goin' in but
Hey some type of way went gold yea i got my first plaque
Then my Hitta went platinum then went n got me some racks
Got a black card, Visa cards, I don’t like to walk around with cash
I might kiss in the front, just know I don’t kiss no ass
I ain’t drop no mixtape in two years, but I been still on that roll
I been here for 25 years, thank God I’m still here
But I know I gotta go, know I gotta go You ain’t gotta go Get money, don’t play my nigga, I ain’t never change, still goin' in Who the fuck said I wasn’t gon' drop no mixtape?
Who the fuck y’all think I’m is?
Got alot of money, got alot of bitches, got alot of places that I still ain’t
But I got more problems than all of that
Doughboy, I’m still goin' in Still goin' in, still goin' in I said I’m still goin' in, I’m still goin' in
I’m still goin' in, when I start?
Hey Doughboy, when I start?
Royal Rich
I done made so much money, I got like four bank accounts
I put this pistol to your head, give you somethin' to think about
I ain’t on vacation, I was chilling, they thought I was in a drought
Fuck around for real, how I make this transaction?, if it’s for the right amount
I got my hands honestly know that I flew (?)
Had more drug dealers, had nothin' but two
My money got stacked from the floor to the ceiling
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the ceiling
I ain’t have no more room in the attic, we filled it Yeah, yeah, yeah
Wanted for murder, but school done meant to be All I done did was kill, I’m a rapper now but
Still goin' in x7, aye
I told y’all niggas man
R.F (?) style for life

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