Insane Clown Posse — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Someone's Gonna Die

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Someone's Gonna Die » de Insane Clown Posse.


I remember as a young buck, tryin' to get a grip in the southwest
Everyday I’m coming in with my mouth bust
Cause I fought back, I never hold out
I’m still a man even with my chin blown out
I held my ground, the city didn’t get to me
But when I came home daddy put his foot to me
I lay awake, praying that that the motherfucker dies
I see his fist then the pain in my mother’s eyes
Tell me lies, they did when I was only ten
They got me loony toony, I’m drinking boony gin
And once again, the city gave another test
I wasn’t there for my brother now he laid to rest
To the chest, a bullet got the best of him
They caught his killer, I’m going for the rest of em'
When they found, gun em' down, wicked clown, wicked sound
The murder goes round and round, I wonder will it ever cease
Fuck the police, they tried to rape my niece
But at least she’s OK, they never caught her
I spend my nights in the gutter drinking sewer water
I’m not alone there’s others in my territory
We all share the same story
A horror story, and its gory
I join the gang, I’m riding high
So if you try to take my pride then someone’s gonna die
Someone’s gonna die cause it has to be
So many people live life dastardly
If you lookin' for the answer don’t be askin' me
I either blast him or he blastin' me
Back in the city, there’s only two kind of love
Clown love and the love for the up above
I fell in love with a bitch, she ho’d me
I should’ve listened to the carnies when they told me
Women are the devil, they pollute your mind
They take control with their hole, and then they roll
Its getting old, I’m grabbing every bitch I find
They try to play me, I punch em' in the lower spine
I’m on my mind, I’m steady trying to catch a grip, don’t wanna slip
The ghettos like a sinking ship
I’m going under, I wonder if i’m alone
I see my sadness drawn on with me in the ghetto zone
I show respect to the cruise, and with the lose
You might get shot up in the skull stepping on my shoes
My shoes are tracks, they’re nothing but $ 1.50
Just wanna murder anybody trying to get with me
I need my mother I miss her
I reminisce, I’m thinking about every Friday night, she’d bring us chips
I’m watching chips
She’d let us stay awake late, that shit was great
But now its all about hate
Them days are gone
I belong to another life, another time
When different shit is on my mind
Shit like murder, death, and graveyards, joker’s cards, and how someone’s gonna

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