Gucci Mane — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Mama We Rich

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Mama We Rich » de Gucci Mane.


Mama had a fit when she seen my money
She say you ain’t got no job, you must be up to something
What the hell you doin? Don’t get in no trouble
I had to look out for my nephew, he look up to uncle
Mama got a nigga, I ain’t like his ass
Tried to make me rake the leaves and cut the grass
Nigga you ain’t even got no kids, what make you dad?
If I wasn’t 12 years old I’d bust yo ass!
Mama kicked him out and now I’m 21
Bought her Prada, Gucci, Louis, Christian Loubuitton
Mama taught me everything, I’m her Danielson
I had to go get her that Porsche before the summer’s gone
(Verse) (Gucci Mane)
I was servin junkies out my mama window
I was broke like half a brick, that was ‘96
Daddy gone so I guess that makes me head honcho
Mama ramblin through my closet, she done found a spliff
She said I raised you better, boy you’ve got a strong mind
She said I can’t believe you serve that to your own kind
I told her mama chill cuz I been broke along time
That’s why I’m at the store and junkies in a long line
I was a runner for my brother, I need my own plug
I feel like 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, I need my own drugs
First time I set shop on my block I didn’t get no luck
200 thousand for a Charger, 6's, no scrub
(Verse) (Takeoff of the Migos)
The Audi, the Mazzi, the Jaguar
The Bentley, the house by the lake
Gold on my neck, gold on my wrist
Young Takeoff I sit on 10 K’s
I’m posted with Guwop, I’m strapped up with 2 Glocks
Versace on my back, I’m feelin like 2 Pac
He wanted a whole brick, I gave em re-rock
Pull up on yo block, Chevrolet t-top
Finesse the plug for the bags
My wrist is spinnin like Taz
I know that my mama gone spaz
She find out bout all of this cash
But fuck it, my nigga we rich
Remember them nights hitting licks
Duckin police, jumpin the fence
Now we in Lambs, president tint
Seen 100 bands, all in one time (I seen it)
I just blew my mind cuz my mama seen it (fuck!)
And she had a fit, yea she had a fit (mama)
I told my mama we rich, told my mama we rich

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