Evan Black — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Routine

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Routine » de Evan Black.


I got a, few trees of blue dream
Loose leaf in the cool breeze I’m chillin, new beam
Black leather with the blue seams
Me and Customary in the city it’s that new team, uh yeah
I know that he don’t want me to brag but let me get it
I’ma talk it man I’m poppin them tags and sippin Guinness
I be all about dollar and a dream
A dollar ain’t a thang if you following a scheme but
Money coming in, rose by the case
Summer time fine chicks o’s to the face
Cop it never rent it rock foams chase Patron
With pineapple never slowin the pace like
Tip the champagne down in the bucket
Tell the waiter bring another bucket like fuck it
We all looking for something to get your mind right (Right?)
Get your mind right? (Right?)
Get your mind right! (Right.)
Like a vision from a stretch limousine this is how I live it
Something like a daily routine
We’re all looking for something to get our mind right
Sip the High Life, roll something let the fire light
Feel it in your chest let the kief kick
Clear the bong, smoke the blunt down to the peach clip
Fresh to death like I’m hoppin out a plane
No chute no stress, just a pocket full of change
You never know when you’re going so throw it back
And we born to die in the mean time get cash
Gettin paid, you can find me at the spot
On the porch, my cologne’s an assortment of pot
Got the crew throwing down, brew few dozen rounds
If you’re coming round then you’d better bring an ounce
And I’ma do this for the ones that ain’t lucky enough to get high
Struggling to get by
Paper bag of beer eighth of weird
Case in point I’ll face a joint an Workaholic word to my engineer
Said it here we’re men of the year
Jump the curve dirty with the words man I should have a dental fear
Now I ain’t sayin it’s a weed song
Just a clear your mind typa real good theme song
Something you can turn up, when you’ve had a bad day
Grab a dab of wax, burn it all away
But it then end it’s all love
I’m on a little bit of this bit of that drug
Living for the feeling that we ain’t gotta give into the pressure
We just loving when we’re getting that buzz now
I’ve been known to blow a couple hundred dozen
On something that I ain’t need cause if I want it it’s fuck it
Fuck it

Traduction des paroles

Prenez un peu de cire, brûlez tout
Mais il finit alors tout est amour
Je prends un peu de cette drogue
Vivre pour le sentiment qu'on ne doit pas céder à la pression
Nous aimons juste quand nous obtenons ce buzz maintenant
J'ai été connu pour souffler quelques centaines de douzaines
Sur quelque chose dont je n'ai pas besoin parce que si je le veux c'est Merde