Evan Black — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson I Got This

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « I Got This » de Evan Black.


I went from, cold winter with no dinner to bright lights
I’m done slowing my roll gettin my life right
Grip the mic tight sip a little Henny
All I see is green I’m staying strapped with the night sights
It’s Ev Black and the postman
I rap with no intent of gettin back to your program
Swinging on em even if my back’s to ropes damn I’m
I’m on my p’s and q’s like me and blue with the dope grams
Tryna make the game a product of me
I ain’t giving into nothing man I’m honest at least
So if you think that is all fun then obviously
You wasn’t with me at the start so pardon my reach
I’m so ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet
Roll up an L in his honor inhale it and let the effects set in
A sedative level of mind is what I’m inclined to be in
I define the feeling of finding belief in finer things than what the eye can
see cause
HOOK (2x)
Sit Back
I got this
Money on my mind money in my pockets
Coolin out like a drink and some hot chicks
Man you know I got this (2x)
What I’m supposed to do
I never did I figure it as I go along thick from the beginning I’m a
Stubborn motherfucker
Not a cynic I’m just indifferent to what you gotta say bout how I’m livin so
Feel the pressure
Build up and let it fester the rest of the steps set in once I get up on a
Next up to do up what you never saw comin
And screw up the game leaving them face down in the mud and yo homie
You won’t catch me switchin gears (nah)
I’ll be lapped up and redlined if you’re jealous then maybe you should switch
Cause I ain’t a second minute month even a year
To put up into giving a fuck so come on listen here
Let’s get it crystal clear
I made it on my own and won the war before you got to the chance to go equip
the gear
Never swerving on Autobahn steady
The many people that’s with me all I ask are you ready?!
HOOK (2x)
Yeah, it’s Evan Black
And Customary
This shit is like a postal service man
The postman, damn close to perfect listen

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