Evan Black — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Free

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Free » de Evan Black.


I heard it once then I heard it twice
That you ain’t gonna make it you gone be waiting all of your life
For that last train that won’t ever come that you lack brains you better get
you some
Better lace up and go to school before you think they’ll let you run
You gotta show em what you made of man
How you gone flip that script if you ain’t got no way to take advantage
Of what you given, what you envision is something
Nobody gonna come to grips with until you man up and paint the plan
Middle fingers up like fuck y’all turn Sistine Chapel to crushed walls
Now I’m the top cause I ain’t never stop and I never gave a fuck about what yall
Had to say so I’m saying look it, how you like me now?!
Doing things you couldn’t even dream up in your life somehow
Make no mistake, I’m coming out the gate hard
Beat the track with bars so hard that I’ll catch a rape charge
And I won’t let up til you’re positive I made marks
Anticipate the rise and let it build when the hate starts
HOOK (2x)
I’ma be free (FREE)
You can’t stop me and I’ma be
Running, running, running
While they try to tell me slow (SLOW)
I just tell em no (NAH)
Tell em that it’s all I know
There’s been some times in my life that’ve got me questioning mine
And whether or not if I should even be alive
I got evil deep inside it’s getting louder by the day
I can see it myself, how it’s starting to display
In the way that I make this music, the way that I get into it
I won’t stop for nothing lemme clear the slate of all confusion
Altercations I been through em, stronger now I’m moving on
Roof is gone fluid in the way I keep that music going BANG BANG BANG
I keep it knocking, you can build a wall homie I assure you nothing’s stopping
If I want that then I cop that then I drop that fore y’all fuck with it
And I been through the weight y’all said y’all move just from chillin puffin
I’m higher than stratosphere
Mad at me or mad that you ain’t take the time to realize just what was
happening here
It’s the take over, bait dough with that same flow that I been rapping
I been dope, ain’t my fault that y’all motherfuckers done been napping
HOOK (2x)
I see in world in many colors
Unlike the many others who loving this black and this white I fight for some
light above us
I’m talking past what you done passed up now you gassed up to back up what you
dropped off
But you ain’t know how to mask up
I’ll take what’s mine here and the world don’t owe shit
But I’m gonna get my grip up on it and pawn it back like I own the bitch
I’m only sick, no fix for lack of holiness
I’m holding my mind at large with no ransom note homie only this
Dedication and vengeance, swinging up over the fences
I’ll be face down in a lake before I’m ass down on a bench
And I’m bent on how am I’ve been an hour from death
You can die at any second motherfucker so there ain’t no sense in them dense
Torn apart through mortar fire more to life than were born to find
So I’m gonna soak it all up till the reaper knocks and the box is fuckin
Four to five ain’t shit but I beat that, would I been a better man if I reap
If I coulda woulda gone back would I switchrf up fuck naw man yall better
believe that
HOOK (2x)

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