Esoteric — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Steel Chairs

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Steel Chairs » de Esoteric.


Yo I’m taking 'em breaking 'em down
Clowning, we’re making 'em frown
Claiming they spraying a round
They are just Drake in a gown
There’s no mistaking the sound
Of bones when they break on the ground
You can catch Shay in a crown, not the Victoria now
Ultimate Warrior style
Shaking the ropes of the ring
Used to be rolling with Sting
Cutting the throat of the king
Ya’ll are some brothers in arms?
Ya’ll’ll be both in a sling
I’m one of the X-men
Angel, let me open my wings
Breaking through windows to fly
High when I enter the sky
Ya’ll don’t want any of mine
You a miniature guy
Rappers they actually hope
To write paragraphs that I wrote
Angry with bags of that coke
They are just mad cause I’m dope, dope, dope
I say it three times for emphasis
I’m like Lex Luger, Tony Blanchard, Arn Anderson
TV Title U.S. Champion
Take a steel chair to Magnum T. A
And pin him for the win
«You see, we don’t care anything about doing endorsements. We don’t like to be
movie stars. And rest assured, when we walk in a shopping mall, it might as
well be Johnny Carson.»
Yo I’m illin' and killin' on sight
I’m penicillin on mics
Ready and willing to fight
I am Godzilla in Nikes
I am Chewbacca in Ralph
Lauren, you closer to Alf
ES is kind of a boss
Like Ben Linus in Lost
I am not rhyming like Ross
Cut from the finest of cloth
You swearing you stirring the pot
Try spending time on the broth
Try spending time on the meat
Substance for people to eat
Bars that I kick are so dark
You think I’m rhyming in goth
Everyone’s hooked on a drug
Government running our blood
Murdering, sending out Scuds
Sweeping it under the rug
I am inhuman with rhymes
Using a nuclear mind
I am Morris Day without Prince
I’m improving with Time
I keep on telling em' now
Precious Paul Ellering style
Mr. Fuji in a Gucci
Cane to your skeleton now
«I quit» match, spit it over sick tracks
You try to handle the steel
Like managing George «The Animal,» now fix that

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