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La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Never Be » de Esoteric.


No filter and no make-up, right? That’s the way you wake up, right?
You the selfie-taking type, please tell me why
I see you photoshop your zits out, but you didn’t crop your tits out
And you duck-face your lips out, just thinking that you’re fly
You sure you got the right intentions? Might I suggest an intervention?
Keep track of your life instead of keeping track of likes and mentions
And I’d like to mention that I know you like attention
And this phone’s a great invention for this type of interaction
Spending hours on a caption while the rest of your life is passing
It’s really not attractive when your own picture’s your passion
Think about it, damn it, 'fore you go and Instagram it
There are more pictures of you online than people on the planet
I don’t understand it — Same face, same pose, different clothes
Posted every twenty minutes, everybody got their limits
Everybody got the message, you think you are quite impressive
And we know you thinking that, that, that, that…
There will never be, another one
Who will?
You be switching up your character as if you Johnny Depp
First you gangster on the set, then you a skater on the deck
Then you Wu-Tang for two weeks, with new frames and new sneaks
Then you change to 2 Chainz when you aim for new geeks
Now you aim and you chief, and you bang on loose-leaf
And you claim that unique, but you ain’t no Kool Keith
I laugh at you bitchin' and watching your crew switchin'
From Drake and that smooth fission to quote-unquote cooking crack in the kitchen
You stoop pigeon without any cool vision
You gotta be bullshittin', you ain’t a true visionary — You a fool spittin'
Whatever you see and reciting whatever you hear
One thing is clear, you switch your shit up every year
Be yourself — You ain’t blood or crip, though
You ain’t extra hip, though
You ain’t Skrillex or Diplo
But we know…
I’m texting and driving, that shit’s an awful habit
I put my hand up on the wheel, that shit is automatic
I put my foot up on the gas, and not a second pass
Before I’m checking if I missed anything since I checked it last
I should be checking out the cars in my lane
Instead I’m checking out the shit that keeps our battery drained
I’m peeping what she wrote, it’s a motivational quote
I’m thinking, «Come up with your own shit if you’re gonna post»
Then I scroll over to Twitter, where I peep a bullshitter
Posting dates about his mixtape, but we both know he’s a quitter
And I don’t even consider that I’m going 80 M.P.H
Cause I’m looking at my phone and laughing at these trendy fakes
These Facebook rappers, they would never get it
They are so pathetic, I don’t even know what…
A landmark verdict in Massachusetts today convicted a driver of vehicular
And his crime was blamed on texting while driving…

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