Blueprint — Paroles et traduction des paroles de la chanson Respect the Architect

La page contient les paroles et la traduction française de la chanson « Respect the Architect » de Blueprint.


You want the fly shit, you got the right brother
Catch a kin thrill right after I fly over
I battle alcohol, had to brawl like a soldier
Vowed to never fall, now all my nights sober
Refine my mind, reclinin' on my sofa
Designed to rhyme and strike kinda like a cobra
My pen’s venomous, poison ten sentences
Paralyze your steril mind and leave skid blemishes
«When is he gonna fall off?,» some of the people wonder
You’re more likely to see a foot of snow in the summer
I’m not mainstream, the tide can never take me under
I’m Clyde Stubblefield, the rhyme is my funky drummer
I write this like my ancestors holding kitchen (?)
Before the Bible and any man made religion
Author contextualization, sign and spirit
It’s like I neva loose sleep if y’all don’t feel it
I’m in my own lane, it has no speed limits
Psychedelic mind is assault without the weed in it
I’m at the point of no return, too deep in it We can turn and look back, but I proceed wid it I lost track of time, felt like I was unconscious
Did drips, somebody stole my style and I can’t stop it Top to bottom, whole thing like I was madtronics
Woke up with a rhyme, half asleep in my boxers
If it’s gonna happen I go a bit beyond
You know the true architect when you hear the song
The foundation for the underground you’re standing on True fans gonna miss him when he gone
Respect the architect
Right, you can find many rappers more complicated
But not many if any high nominated
I’m at the top waitin', my album top rated
The brightest rap stars not in my constellation
Tryin' small talk your way into the conversation
But I dominated kinda like a dominatrix
Till the point that my biggest haters stop the hating
And pass the piece like a plate at a congregation
The most holiest, atop is the loneliest
But only cause I don’t associate with any lames
Expose the phoney, show 'em how cold it gets
With flows that go against the grain
No doubt
I play the shooter and coroner, it’s me When you know the party droppin', catch it when it’s easy
My rap pedigree commands respect
Blueprint, the master builder
Respect the architect

Traduction des paroles

Je joue le tireur et le coroner, c'est moi quand vous savez que la fête tombe, attrapez-la quand c'est facile
Mon pedigree rap commande le respect
Blueprint, le maître d'œuvre
Respectez l'architecte